Alter Ego (Version II)

2013 | installation | glas, lights, micro-controller



ALTER EGO is an experimental setting, questioning and aiming to visualize the mental and mimetic inter–relationship bet- ween two dialogue partners. It is a participatory work that uses stroboscopic light and a special glas order that creates a meta- morphosis between ones own mirror image and the image of an opposing person. It creates a mental conflict of self-localisa- tion, a feeling of self-loss and a feeling of pure empathy at the same time.

The work is foundation for interdisciplinary cooperations in neurophysiological research e.g. with Prof. Alain Berthoz of at Collège de France in Paris.
The installation plays an important role in the basic research areas of self-other perception, and mechanisms of sympathy and empathy research and their disorders e.g. schizophrenia, autism or Alzheimer‘s desease.


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