Alter Ego (Version II)

2013 | installation | glas, lights, micro-controller watch the video


2016 | Fine Art Prints | 40x30cm This experiment emerged from an interest in digital image processing and visual perception. Diverting an image processing algorithm from its intended purpose, the project seeks to probe and ...

Face to Face – Interface

2016 | installation | 320x520x47 cm | 28 monitors, server, camera A self-feeding facial-expression archive, searchable by face. credits: Carl Martin Grewe, Sven Kristofer Pilz and Lisa Schreiber


2015 | Fine Art Print | 100 x 150 cm Here the sensor of a digital camera was „exposed“ in complete darkness. That doesnt mean it’s beeing blind. What it sees are the analogue disturbances ...

Objekt a

2016 | installation | 180x60x60cm | mirror, book

UVA (Version 2)

2016 | Installation | 120x87x50cm | UVA lights, wood panel, photography


2016 | Fine Art Print | 45x60cm


2009 | installation | gobelin, computer, microphones, speakers, forest, internet The depicted forest is famous for its echoes. The shouting of the visitors in the exhibition space where transmitted into the valley through an online streaming ...


Les fleurs du mal

2012 | digital C-Prints | 90×60 cm

Portrait of Chance

2008 | 80x80cm | material: 2500 dice on wood    


2010 | installation | material: telescope, mirrors By looking through the telescope and an arrangement of mirrors the spectators can look around themselves and see their closed eyes.

Sepia Konversion

2010 | installation | windows, filter foil site specific installation for the exhibition Vergiss Weimar at the Nietzsche Gedächtnishalle.